The Stranger | Film Review


The Stranger is a metaphorical dialogue centric movie that is directed by the independent filmmaker, Sanjay Prasad. The story unfolds the treacherous journey of the main character of the film, Rahul. The movie propels around the struggle that Rahul faces when he is entangled between the tumultuous pressure of the corporate world and the urge to follow his dream. The director portrays Rahul’s internal conflicts that reflects the timeless struggle between the right and wrong, ambition and greed that is pitted against his selfish desires.

The script moves forward as the protagonist takes a life changing decision to quit his comfortable life and chase his dreams. However, this decision backfires as Rahul battles against his ambitions and the unshakable principle that he once held dear. Rahul’s girlfriend Tina re-enters his life not just as his love interest but also a guiding force to propagate him through his internal conflicts. Tina forces Rahul to move out of his cocooned life and look forward to chasing his passion. Facing all these complexities, Rahul has lost his interest in chasing his dream. The story takes a thrilling turn when Rahul comes across a Stranger who takes him through an emotional journey revealing a supressed and forgotten memory. The narrative as well as the graphics rightfully picturised the conflicts that Rahul was facing in his life.

The movie then unfolds the intelligence of Rahul who was put at a crossroads when the Stranger forces him to decide between his dream and love interest. As the narrative of Rahul is put under threat, unexpected revelations urge him to face the severe consequences of his life altering decision.

The film is a touching exploration of what powers money possess over human beings. The movie vigorously debates the role of money in the life of so-called dreamers. Driven by the harsh realities of a world that rides on the power of financial success, the storyline becomes a convincing approach to the complexities of dreams, ethics and the unwavering pursuit for success.

As Sanjay Prasad draws the climax of the movie, the audience is left in awe with the persisting mirror reflections of the choices that we decide to make in our lives. “The Stranger” depicts the step-by-step journey of common human being who decides to forsake his life of comfort for the urge to chase his dreams. The internal conflicts that we face, play a key role in shaping our destinies. The storyline perfectly draws a bridge between the timeless conflict between the pursuit for dreams and the preservation of love.

The film unfolds a heartfelt attempt to entertain, inspire and resonate deeply among its audience. When art blends with purpose, socially impactful, thrilling and engaging stories like “The Stranger” is born. This film marks the victory over adversities and is a testament of Sanjay Prasad’s commitment towards cinematic universe, thus earning him accolades in many film festivals.